Our Sustainability Position

Americans generated 250 million tons of trash in 2008, or about 38% more per person than in 1970. Our recycling rate has increased fivefold, yet 47% more trash ended up in landfills or was incinerated in 2008 than in 1970. Evidently, despite our best reduction and recycling efforts, 13 million tons of plastic containers and packaging ended up in landfills in 2008.

Leading, managing and facilitating the improvement of this situation is EcoLogic’s top priority. EcoLogic encourages resource conservation (reduction in packaging material), recycling and replacing conventional materials with eco-friendly materials (based on life-cycle analysis) that could be either compostable, biodegradable or both. Waste reduction in conjunction with recycling or composting should be practiced as much and whenever possible.

When neither of these approaches can be individually or collectively deployed, the use of Eco-One®, our additive that enhances biodegradability, is a sound strategy. The Eco-One approach also supports the widespread waste-to-energy efforts that generate clean, reliable energy from the methane produced in landfills. Landfill gas energy is an EPA recognized renewable energy source. EcoLogic believes it has a solid holistic solution and that this solution does not compete with other solutions aimed at minimizing or even improving our footprint.

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