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The Ugly Truth

Statistics don’t lie, and the environmental hazards created by our plastic trash has already become a global crisis.

According to the EPA, Americans generated 33 million tons of plastics in 2013, equivalent to 13 percent of the waste stream and of that only 9% of plastics were recycled in 2013.

Depending on the study, estimates for biodegradation of common use items such as single use cups, bottles and shopping bags ranges from a couple of centuries to 1000 years, any way you look at it, it is a really long time.

Why so long? While there are numerous reasons, it is basically that microbes do not recognize plastics as a food source.

The Green Future

As a brand owner, producer or converter, you know consumer demand for environmentally friendly products is already growing exponentially. The future of business is GREEN, will your business BE? According to a recent BCG survey*

Studies show a majority of respondents in all countries expressed a willingness to pay a premium of 5% or more for green products, especially those in the food, electronics and appliance categories.

73% of consumers considered it important that companies have sound sustainability and environmental initiatives.

50% of consumers believe that green products are of higher quality than similar products which aren’t.

A Revolutionary Product

Eco-One® enhances the biodegradation of plastic products that are disposed of in biologically active landfills. Independent tests, simulating biologically active landfills, have shown 5-15% biodegradation within 30 days.

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Plastic Applications

Eco-One® transforms thousands of everyday plastic goods into cutting edge eco-friendly products.

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How It Works

Ingredients in Eco-One® allow the formation of a coating called biofilm on the plastic.

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